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Comment: High oil prices have been cheered by the environmental movement since they are supposed to drive research into clean sources of energy, such as wind and solar. The following Boston Globe article points out that this hope is misguided. With high oil prices the development of many unconventional, albeit environmentally dangerous forms of energy become economically viable — witness the Albertan oilsands and coal liquefaction



Athabasca Oil Sands

Canada's oil sands are found in the province of Alberta in three major areas. The largest of these areas is the Athabasca Oil Sands. The sands are the largest petroleum resource in the world and cover an area about the size of New Brunswick! However, since the oil is mixed in with sand, it is difficult and expensive to easily extract the oil for usage



 "Energy is the priority issue in the economy."
--Deng Xiaoping, 1980


Οχι η πρασινη ενεργεια βεβαια ,αυτη ειναι ενα παραμυθακι για να κλεινει τα ματακια του αβιαστα ο απιστευτα πρωτογονος πολιτισμος μας.


Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are not the only ones who have been touring Alberta’s Oil Sands recently.

Oil Change’s Kenny Bruno has just visited the region as part of a delegation of environmental groups. Here is his first dispatch, which is the first of three posts from Kenny..

Kenny writes: “As we approached the tar sands area in a small plane coming from the First Nation community of Fort Chipewyan in Northern Alberta, an experienced visitor tried to scare me: “You Are Entering Mordor.”

For those unfamiliar with the Dark Lord Sauron’s dwelling place in The Lord of the Rings series, imagine the landscape He Who Shall Not Be Named might choose if he could vanquish Harry Potter and retire to Brobdingnag. Or just think of Hell.

“There are a lot of polluted places on this planet, but the nightmare vision presented by Athabasca tar sands is unique, because the area is a complex of three types of polluting facilities, all on colossal scale.”

There are the monstrous open pit mines, where the “overburden” (aka forest, plants and soil) has been removed to get at the bitumen underneath. Nearby are the “upgrader” plants, which look and smell similar to giant refineries you see in New Jersey, Louisiana, and Texas, though the material they process is much thicker. Finally, the “tailings ponds” which might be better thought of as Tailings Seas, since they are veritable oceans of toxic glop.

All in all, the tar sands cover an area the size of Florida, which is therefore the area proposed for destruction by the Alberta government and the oil companies investing $100 billion in the “dirtiest project on earth.” 

Evolution of oil price from 1970 to 2008 is very muchbullish. 



Virgin rainforest targeted for oil drilling





United States Virgin Islands -- The largest oil refinery in the Western Hemisphere in February received $600 million in financing to build a crude-oil processing plant and repay bank debts, company officials said.









Abiotic Oil In Lake Baikal's Bedrock 




Weak oversight and accountability in the oil markets allows wealthy investors from around the world to drive up the price we pay for gas, fueling calls for destructive drilling off our coasts and in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Before the end of July, Congress is expected to consider bipartisan legislation to curb harmful speculative investment in the oil markets and provide needed relief to Americans hit by high gas prices.


Αυτη η σελιδα θα μπορουσε να συνεχιστει κι αλλο , μεχρι που θα καλυπτε σιγα σιγα ολη την Γη. Αλλα τι νοημα εχει.

Ναι ,ο μαυρος ταυρος ειναι εκει εξω, και χορευει!

Και ναι  ξερετε πως ειναι δημιουργημα του ανθρωπου' δηλαδη τεχνητος.


Ενα δημιουργημα της φυσης παραμενει αναλλοιωτο. Αντιθετα ,καθε κατασκευη του ανθρωπου, αλλοιωνεται με τετοιο τροπο ωστε να νοθευει  το μοναδικο περιβαλλον του.


Μικρο ομως το χναρι του ανθρωπου και μονο το κεφαλι του μπορει να πατησει, και να συνθλιψει .


Μα,τι ειδους πολιτισμος ειναι αυτος;  Ο οποιος θελει σωνει και καλα να καταστρεψει τον ιδιο τον δημιουργο του. Και τελοςπαντων τι ειδους λογικη, ποια περιφημη νοημοσυνη κυβερναει το ανθρωπινο μυαλο;

Το πνευμα δεν φαινεται να ακολουθει την βασικη αναγκη επιβιωσης του ανθρωπου. Περισσοτερο μοιαζει με ενα αγριο ανημερωτο ζωο, που ακολουθει τις επιταγες της φυσης. Με  εναν μαυρο ταυρο! Γαλουχημενο απο τις στρεβλες θεωριες μας, και την παντοδυναμη και πρωτογενη δυναμη του συμπαντος.


Εκπομπες στο υπερπεραν  ειναι ολες οι πρασινες  υπερπροσπαθειες.


Σε αντιθεση με τις εκπομπες της βρωμικης ενεργειας,  του αγγλοσαξωνικου μυαλου. Που βρισκουν προσφορο εδαφος σε καθε γειτονια της Γης

Αστρολογοι και χαρτοριχτες, καταντησαν οι οικοφιλοι φιλοι μας, γραφικοι καταστροφολογοι.

Οχι πως δεν κονομανε μερικα μορτακια απο την καπατσωσυνη τους. Αρκει να υπαρχει  λιγη φλουδα να καθαρισουνε.


Richard Branson's Mosquito island eco-resort



Donate Now Support The Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund

 Drill now!


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Gas Gage


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22/08 13:37  pol
Συγκλονιστικά κι απίστευτα τα "χάδια"του πολιτισμού μας!
Αν η ενέργεια που "ξοδεύεται "για αδυνάτισμα,χρησιμοποιούνταν για παραγωγή τροφής,θα σώζονταν λαοί!
22/08 13:43  Κλεάνθης
22/08 13:55  zyzzx
Χαδια;... Λες;
Mutants and cyborgs will prevail then.

22/08 13:56  zyzzx

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